What Are Magento Themes?

Before ecommerce was born, to sell online looked impossible. It is difficult to get people to trust you, especially when you do not know them personally. Magento, together with the other ecommerce platforms that we know today, made it possible and easy.

Now that it is going mainstream, as more and more businesses take their companies to the internet, it has become stiffly competitive. In fact, the competition gets stiffer every day that an ecommerce site owner must exert efforts to keep up with the demands of the growing industry. Learn more about How to Sell Online

One of Magento’s main advantages over its rivals is its themes. Magento themes are known to be fully customizable, which is a great feature if you want to sell online seriously. Being a Magento merchant gives you the edge over those who just sell through social media, because you have full control over your ecommerce store and how it looks like.

A theme, by definition, is a core component that controls how your storefront looks. It is comprised of templates, images, layouts, and styles. In Magento, themes are responsive and highly extensible. It makes personalizing your storefront easy and very doable. You do not have to come up with your own codes, because Magento themes come in a wide variety, you’ll probably have quite a hard time choosing which one best suits your business.

Here are some facts about Magento themes and how they can help you ace ecommerce like a pro.

  • Magento themes are responsive. It might be a bit complicated to install for the ecommerce site owners and managers, but your customers would have no problem navigating them.
  • Magento themes can be fully customized. We cannot emphasize this enough, as it is one of the platform’s biggest advantages over all the others. You can change your theme as often as you want, and if you are savvy about technology, feel free to change fonts and color schemes so it can match your products and your site’s vibe.
  • Learn more about How to Sell Online
  • Magento themes can be fully integrated to other useful apps. Think content marketing that links to your catalog. It is possible when your ecommerce site is in Magento. Its themes work seamlessly with third party extensions, which makes modifying and updating your site very easy.
  • Magento themes affect your store performance. While changing your theme is not the primary way to do it, a highly responsive, premium theme will naturally improve people’s shopping experience in your site.
  • Magento themes make your storefront more personal, and therefore attract more clients. People naturally love pretty, catchy things. Invest in a responsive design, which updates and improves both your storefront and the Magento admin.

Magento’s claims to fame are its extensive line of responsive, well-designed, high quality themes. Unlike in other ecommerce platforms where you just sell online and all you can customize is your avatar and cover photo, Magento allows you to feel like you have a domain of your own business. You get to run it and make it look the way you want to, courtesy of the great themes available. It makes you sell online like a pro, because your storefront can be changed to something that would complement your business most. Magento themes can also be a great tool to use, so your storefront becomes your main branding material. They make you get your message across in a way that would also promote your products. Why Magento is bad

It can be hard to choose which Magento theme would best fit your business. The key is to ask yourself if you want improvement just in your storefront or in your admin page, too. From there, choose from themes that are quirky, lively, minimalist, and modern. Most importantly, use one that you know would work best for your audience. After all, they are the ones you are doing business with.

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